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Reversi Mania



Game Description

Reversi Mania is a free strategy game. This is not Othello and this is not Bang. This is Reversi and it is an old game that may just blow your mind. Reversi is an ancient strategy game where two opposing forces take to the board to determine who is the more strategic, who can think tactically, and who is the mightiest of them all. This is an arena for your mind and in this game, the winner takes all. Reversi is a strategic game that rewards skill, intelligence, planning, and pattern recognition. There is no luck, there are no dice, you do not customize your weapon. In this game, you are the weapon, and your only path to victory is to make smart choices that will devastate your opponent. This is a simple game played in black and white. There are no ties, no points, and no bonus rounds. This is a game of winners and losers so be sure you are former or you will surely be the latter. Reversi is an ancient game but believe us when we say it never gets old.


On your mobile or desktop computer please use your mouse or finger to operate the menus and choose sides. Then click on your pegs and place them in the most strategic location

Reversi Mania Gameplay

Content RatingAll Ages
Release DateJan 20, 2022

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