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Clan Wars



Game Description

Clan Wars is a free strategy game. Create an army of goblins to destroy your enemy’s stronghold before they can destroy yours in Clan Wars, a strategy game of tug of war. As anyone who’s played tug of war knows, it’s all about the push and pull. Spawn units from your stronghold, and then watch as they march forever to the right of the screen—at least until they run into the enemy goblins. From there, it’s a battle to discover who’s the fairest goblin in the land.


Spend that gold to spawn units, or use it to upgrade the attack and defense of those units to give you an edge over your goblin opponent. Your stronghold’s damage and defense can be upgraded, too. Unlike many games in this genre, you don’t mine gold. You earn it automatically, and from defeating enemy units. There’s also a reputation system that increase the amount of gold you earn. As you progress, you’ll earn experience, which will unlock additional units, and even a hero unit that can both help you to win, and help prevent you from losing. If the enemy goblins do make it to your stronghold, then it has defenses that can help keep you from being defeated. You have a lot of tools at your disposal, and you’ll need them all to help you win the clan war.

Clan Wars Gameplay

Content RatingTeen Caution
Release DateJul 30, 2010
DeveloperGoblin Arena

5995974 plays


over 2 years ago

Impossible difficulty is brutal but still winable


over 4 years ago



over 5 years ago



over 5 years ago

wuv the game and blarg


over 5 years ago

wow a piece of cake i finished this in 5 minutes


over 5 years ago

way cooooool


over 5 years ago

trying it


over 5 years ago

took me 2 min to beat on impossible


over 5 years ago

too hard. ps why are all these games so bloody

addicting atc

over 5 years ago

to easy but AWESOME