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Day D Tower Rush



Game Description

Day D Tower Rush is a game that lets you re-live the second world war. Everyone wants to go back in time, but no one wants to get stuck there! In Day D Tower Rush you have traveled back to the dinosaur age only to accidentally fry your chrono displacement mechanism! You now have two choices: either you can wait a few million years to return to your own time, get eaten by a dinosaur or hunker down, make some weapons and defend your base! Day D Tower Rush is basically a tower defense game where you are defending your time machine from the rabid advances of carnivouros dinosaurs in the hopes that you can hold them off while you gather the resources needed to rebuild your time machine! But you'll also have to build new items and weapons in order to better deefend yourself against the increasingly dangerous and depraved dino detractor! Plaace your battlements, upgrade your weapons then lock and load and lets go!


Instructions / How to Play:

Please use your mouse to select where you'd like to place your base, the kind of base you'd like to build and any and all other modifications to the base. You may upgrade your defences, your aggressive capabilities, time travel devices, the damage value of your attacks, as well as the range, frequency, and overall intensity of the attacks. You may plan, place and build your towers anywhere you want along the path of the invading dinos.


Mouse controls

Day D Tower Rush Gameplay

Content RatingAll Ages
Release DateJun 24, 2016

527449 plays


over 1 year ago

Really like this game. Just wish there was progression save


about 2 years ago

this game is fun. however do not use any of the special spots for your defense as that takes away your upgrade points for a 1 level use. game runs to tight. to hard. supossed to be fun.


over 2 years ago

Cant belive.After all stage game is froze.


about 3 years ago

I like it.


over 3 years ago

This is a fun one. Think quick.


over 4 years ago

Amazing game. Need more mobile games.


almost 5 years ago

Needs a cloud save.


about 5 years ago


younes belhit

about 5 years ago

the addicts to the game here is a beautiful games


about 5 years ago