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The Tower Defense



Game Description

Tower Defence is a free Tower Defence game. We all love towers, we all love defending things. Now with the new game  'Tower Defence' you can put your love of defense and towers together and defend a tower. How does one defend a tower? With a series of smaller towers that are armed with archers, magicians, orbs, lasers, and all sorts of black magick or catapult-based weaponry. The invasion is on and you have limited resources to buy and build yourself a series of small towers in order to defend the larger tower. You can choose what kind of tower and whether or not you want to upgrade it, sell it for pennies on the dollar, or replace it with a tower that does something completely different. All of the different towers have different strengths and weaknesses. Some deal heavy damage but take a long time to reload, some have a long-range but deal very little damage. Some are auto-fire but have a very limited range. It is a puzzle with no outcome. Except for the one you give it.


Use your mouse and/or finger in order to interact with the game and the in-game menus.

The Tower Defense Gameplay

Content RatingAll Ages
Release DateApr 8, 2021

178859 plays


8 months ago

Love games like this , this one was really fun , hope to see more levels in the future , I had no issues while playing the game fully and every level is different which I absolutely love. Definitely would recommend. :)


9 months ago

Cannot pass level 8. I keep beating all the enemies in the first round, but after I win my health meter just keeps dropping until I die. This happened in an earlier level and I fixed it by resetting my browser and reloading the game, but it doesn't work here.


11 months ago

nice game..but..where ist level 17..? is 16 the last one?


12 months ago



12 months ago

Lags to the point of no play, must click actions 3-5x, randomly freezing, what a waste of a tower game. Sad face.


12 months ago

Mouse does all kinds of weird actions on this game and page. ANNOYING to say the least.

The Elite yet Holy Civet

about 1 year ago

Lags a lot


about 1 year ago



over 1 year ago

Good game, I wish it had more levels.


over 1 year ago

I can't pass level 8 because there are monsters attacking the castle OFF SCREEN that I have no way of seeing or defeating. Please fix this bug because I liked the came and I'd like to finish it.