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Game Description

The aliens are here and the war front is everywhere! This is the brutal world of, an MMO arena shooter where you're not only fending off an alien invasion but battling toe to toe with opposing players! In you'll have the option to upgrade your weapon to an AR-15, and a Glock. These weapons are on top of the melee knife you will start off with and the 3 grenades in your standard issue grenade launcher. Besides being able to customize the type of weapon you use and when you use it, you can also customize what kind of character you'll be playing as. In players can choose between, standard, tough, or agile player avatars. The differences are subtle but important. The tough character deals more damage and can take more damage, however, he is tanky and moves slowly. The standard character is the perfect synthesis of the tough and the agile, he is recommended for first time players. While the standard character seems like the best of both world he is after all average. After enough plays, you will long for something more than just average. The agile character moves and attacks very fast. He jumps a little higher and is most likely to get the first shot off, however, he is a glass cannon. The agile character lacks the ability to take sustained damage for very long. Only a few lucky shots will be enough to take him out for good. Game Instructions / How to Play: W,A,S,D: Move left, right, or jump. Mouse: Aim Reticule Left Mouse Button: Attack with range weapon Right Mouse Button: Attack with Melee weapon Center Mouse Button: Grenade launcher. Gameplay

Content RatingUnrated
Release DateDec 15, 2018

7002 plays


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