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Game Description is a free IOgame. This is a game of domination, spacial reasoning, reflexes, and tactical advantages. This is a 3D version of your favorite Tetris-style game but with an aggresive twist! in this game you are competing with an opposing player to dominate a small enclosure with your polynominal pieces. This is a colorful and unique puzzle-war game and it is designed to be a competitive challenge that you can brag about to your friends or devastate them with your skills in a one on one game. Play through as many levels as you possibly can, proceed through new levels, new challenges, and new players as you quickly and accurately optimize the placement of your pieces.  Unlike the original game, in this game, your goal is to fill up all the whole board with polynominals that slowly become a small city. This is an explosive and fun advanced version of the classic Tetris game that is more challenging for the best casual game players. Once you’ve beaten the game, submit your score to see how well you rank against other puzzle players. Play again until you beat your own score or you’re at the top of the rankings!




Use your mouse to select where the pieces will go. Use the left mouse button to place them, and the right mouse button to re-orient them. Gameplay

Content RatingAll Ages
Release DateJun 30, 2022

3227 plays


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