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Game Description is a fully loaded arena battle game. One hundred players enter, one Boi leaves. You will shoot and kill and maybe even be killed until there is only one Boi left standing. is a multiplayer arena shooter with tons of weapons and lots of tactics, but it'll take more than that to win. In fact, it might just take everything you've got! Every MMO is its own beast, its own puzzle, its own aggravation, and its own reward. is no different but it might just be a lot better. In you can take up as overwatch and snipe your opponents. You can power up with a grenade launcher and explode your way through the competition, or you can just pick your favorite fully automatic weapon and go H.A.M with a spray and pray strategy. Whatever you do is up to you but you won't be alone. is an MMO with players parachuting into the arena from all over the world. If you're not careful, if you don't remember to watch your back and maybe if lady luck just isn't on your side, you might find yourself on the wrong end of an AK47. is a merciless descent into pixelated madness. Total anarchy in a zero-sum battle of the wills --and guns-- where there are no half measures and sympathy for the enemy will only get you killed that much faster. Instructions: W,A,S,D: Move 1,2,3,4: Select weapon E: Interact with your environment/pick up an item Mouse: Aim reticle Left Mouse Button: Fire Gameplay

Content RatingUnrated
Release DateFeb 1, 2019

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