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Retro Speed is a fast-paced racing game. If you like moving forward while thinking about the past, Retro Speed is exactly the kind of game you've been waiting for. In Retro Speed, you must dodge the other slow-moving cars as you race past them. Your goal is simple: you must break your own score. How is your score determined? By weaving at high speeds in-between as many cars as you possibly can for as long as you can. If it sounds easy, you're not paying attention because sometimes these cars move and just when you think you have a solid plan of action someone changes lanes without their blinker and BAM! So, it'll take a while. It'll take trial, error, and a little luck in order to make it to the front of the pack but if you're dedicated enough you can do it.


Use your finger to tap or the arrow pad to activate the left and right pivot function. You will be trying to dodge and weave your way through the cars in front of you for as long as you possible can.

Retro Speed Gameplay

Content RatingUnrated
Release DateAug 29, 2019
DeveloperBuy Instant

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