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Street Driver



Game Description

Street Driver is an exciting car game where you must control two cars at the same time without hitting a roadblock. If you’ve played an avoider game before, then the concept is about the same. Click on the screen to change the lane for the car. You want to avoid roadblocks but you need to switch over whenever you see any stars to collect them. With each game session, you must collect as many stars as possible to beat your best score. The twist comes in that you have two cars to control at the same time. At first, it may seem easy to look over each car but the game will begin speeding up and making it more difficult. See how long you last each time without hitting a roadblock and try to beat your best score. Click on the leaderboard to see where you rank against other car racers as you rise up the leaderboards.


To play this car game, you must control two cars at the same time. Switch their lanes to avoid roadblocks but collect stars. The cars will begin accelerating to create more of a challenge. Click on the screen to switch your car’s lane for each car.

Street Driver Gameplay

Content RatingUnrated
Release DateDec 12, 2019

78727 plays


almost 4 years ago

It s kinda fun. Graphics arent the best. lol Challenging at first. Hand eye coordination really comes into play.