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Endless Truck



Game Description

Endless Truck is a free racing game. You're going to need monster skills to get behind the wheel of this monster truck and pull off monster stunts to score monster points and make monster cash. Endless Truck I an endless racer style game where you play and you race until you die. After you die that means you can upgrade your wheels, hull, engine, fuel, and bumper with all the cash you made and get back on the track to win some more. See how far you can go and make it to the top of the leaderboard. The best part of the game is forever upgrading and strategizing your way into first place. Will you upgrade your bumper to smash your way through obstacles? Will you increase your engine to hit top speed quicker? What about new wheels to increase handling and overall fuel consumption? It is all up to you and in this high octane game, choices absolutely matter. So, settle in and prepare to race your way past the opposition and front flip your ay to the top of the leaderboard. You are a legend waiting to happen, just strap in, hit the accelerator and let's go!


Arrow Pad: Navigate and accelerate. Perform flips. Space Bar: Jump

Endless Truck Gameplay

Content RatingUnrated
Release DateFeb 13, 2020

196112 plays


almost 2 years ago

Mission 17 will not register but really great game, lots of fun


about 2 years ago

that you can still drive if you dont have fuel you just need to pres the spacebar and dont let it go for a second and it also give lots of perfect landings


over 2 years ago

Please create endless truck 2 with more goals. Great game. Thanks


over 2 years ago

its fun


about 3 years ago

it does't count 5 flip ................ but very interesting game


over 3 years ago

really good game lol

over 3 years ago

Good game very fun


almost 4 years ago

why does jumping take away your fuel. Cuz it should not


about 4 years ago

Entertaining game. One minor issue is some of the formulas for counting jumps or distance are not accurate. Drive 1,500 meters and not get credit for hitting the 1km goal is an example.