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Tiny Cars



Game Description

Tiny Cars is a free racing game. Don't let the name fool you, Tiny Cars is certainly one big game. In this tiny racing game, you'll have to be quick, nimble, and out-think your opponenets as you twist and turn your way through a desktop maze of floppy disks, erasers, paper clips, and pencils set up to stop you in your tracks. Try to collect as many stars as you can in order to capture the best score. Beware the competitors cars that freckle the landscape and will try to smash into you and take you down. Each hit from a cop won't slow you down too much but it will remove stars from your stash and that is the whole point of this game! This game is for the quick of heart and the fast of wheel. Do not let the man get you down as you avoid their barricades and dodge their attacks. This is not a game of smash em' up because whenever you smash you lose cash. Be quick, be nimble, and get rich in this fast-paced game.


W,A,S,D: Turn left, right, forward, and reverse. Try to collect as many stars as you can.

Tiny Cars Gameplay

Content RatingAll Ages
Release DateJun 23, 2022

6730 plays


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