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Max Dirt Bike



Game Description

Max Dirt Bike is the ultimate balance game. All you're going to need to remember if you wanna succeed in the fast-paced, highly competitive world of internet dirt biking is this: rev, charge, balance & brake. There isn't a hill you can't climb, a slope you can't overcome or a valley you won't dominate if you master the art of revving up, balancing on the brink, charging the hills and braking when the situation requires it. Max Dirt Bike is a smart physics action game that puts your dexterity and puzzle muscles to the test. If you want to end each level by fading into the darkness and disappearing to thee great leaderboard in the sky, then this is the. game you've been waiting for. The first, best, and most played dirt bike game with such a cool background!


Up/Down arrows for gas/brake Left/Right arrows to balance

Max Dirt Bike Gameplay

Content RatingTeen+
Release DateJan 25, 2007
DeveloperMax Games

73088439 plays


about 1 year ago

Lol to get past level 2 just git gud


over 1 year ago

It is horrible i hate it.


over 1 year ago

how do you do it again when you die


over 1 year ago

Level 2 ez

Lawrence williams

over 1 year ago

how did I get past level 2

Lawrence williams

almost 2 years ago

I agree with Namjoonii


over 2 years ago

How in the world are you supposed to get passed level 2


about 4 years ago

youn wersa csounmk


about 4 years ago

you wersa nouk zoune


about 4 years ago

ya trials is the best on xbox 360