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Wasteland Trucker



Game Description

Wasteland Trucker is a driving simulation game with no objective It’s an eerie time as the world is a complete wasteland with no sign of life in any direction. You can find stranded cars that still have some gas left to get to your destination or to pass the time. Go out for a drive where there are no rules, cops, pedestrians, or other drivers. Just you and the road for you to drive around, crash into light poles, and try to perform dangerous stunts. You can drive through dirt roads, freeways, or into the city. There are no rules, goals, or competition to this online car game. There’s just you and your favorite car either cruising or creating mayhem in this driving simulation game. This is a great online game to let go of some steam to!


To play this car game, click on the arrows to select your vehicle. Then use the arrow keys to start playing. The up and down arrows move the car back in forth. While the right and left arrows steer the direction of the car. You can always change the vehicle you’re driving at any time. You can also select restart to go back to the original menu.

Wasteland Trucker Gameplay

Content RatingUnrated
Release DateJan 9, 2020

157613 plays


almost 3 years ago

i like this game


about 4 years ago

same bro want to become friends


about 4 years ago

You should make the tank be able to shoot when you press space. Other than that I like it.