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Undead Throne



Game Description

Rise from the dead and fight to the end! Every enemy you slay gives you resources, like gold, fingers, blood and dragon hearts. Use those resources to craft new weapons, armor and spells. Or sell the resources to earn gold. From every battlefield you conquer, you can hire mercenaries to fight alongside in your next battle! Return to previous battlefields to earn extra resources, and wage war until you rule the land of dead!


Arrow keys to move; doubletap arrows to dash. A = block, S = attack, D = special skill. 1-4 to select skill. Spacebar to interact, action, activate Rampage!

Undead Throne Gameplay

Content RatingTeen+
Release DateMar 9, 2012
DeveloperEvil Space Chicken

473673 plays


over 3 years ago

zombie knight copied off this

prodigy mike

over 3 years ago

you have no life doombringer18720 lol


over 3 years ago

where is the dragon heart though


over 3 years ago

where can i get blood?


over 3 years ago

were do i find the blood???

jake the dog101

over 3 years ago

this is the same as zombie knight but 1000% better


over 3 years ago

this is awesome,i have all relic armor!!!!!!!


over 3 years ago

this is a really good game and also add me


over 3 years ago

the ultimate mix of feudalism and skyrim!


over 3 years ago