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Zuma Boom



Game Description

Zuma Boom is a bubble shooting game. You might think you know how to shoot bubbles. The genre of shooting bubbles has been around for decades. It is a long and storied history of aiming your bubbles, firing at them, matching three and eliminating a row. Zuma Boom is a revolutionary new bubble shooter. A bubble shooting game where you use a canon to fire colorful spheres at other colorful spheres of the same color. Once you line up three they vanish. Once they vanish you score points. You'll need to be accurate. Fire fast and stay on target if you want the bubbles to disappear before they hit your goal. There is no easy way to play this game and no trick to victory. It is a hard game which is won one bubble at a time. So, ready, set, aim, and bubble pop your way up the leaderboard in this desktop extravaganza.


Please use your mouse to aim and position the bubble canon. Anywhere you aim the bubble canon you will fire your colored bubbles. The colored bubbles will make other colored bubbles in the line disappear when you are able to line up three in a row.

Zuma Boom Gameplay

Content RatingUnrated
Release DateOct 17, 2019

33515 plays


over 2 years ago

love it


almost 4 years ago

love this game!