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Tactical Weapons Pack 2



Game Description

Tactical Weapon Pack 2 is a tower defense game. You thrilled to the available weapons in Tactical Weapons Pack 1, you were wowed by the graphics, physics, and realness of the original but Hunny, you ain't seen nothing yet. Tactical Weapons Pack 2 is a step up in every possible way. New items, upgraded weapons, and new modes of play that will literally blow you away. This isn't your momma's Tactical Weapons Pack, this is Tactical Weapons Pack 2. Get blasting with any one of the multiple weapons available. Choose from the available modes of play and impress your friends with your ability to spray and pray, no scope headshot drones, or drop a rocket on an opposing robot. It is the ultimate test of your skills and a great way to practice your aim with a ton of collectible and upgradable weapons. If you think you're ready for the nest level of drone fighting then this is the game for you.


Use your mouse to select various different custom weapons from the menu. Select a mode of play then use your mouse to aim and press the left mouse button to fire. You will be firing on faceless Robo-drones.

Tactical Weapons Pack 2 Gameplay

Content RatingUnrated
Release DateOct 10, 2019

70600 plays


about 3 years ago

awesome very many guns but laggggggggggggggggggg

josh a

over 3 years ago

The game is good but can you update the Targets and make them look like real targets


over 3 years ago

good game very addicting laggy tho


over 3 years ago

hm good

Real Jotaro Kujo

over 3 years ago

Yare Yare...


almost 4 years ago

Overall, I did not enjoy this game that much. It is nice that there are many different game modes but it was a bit laggy and not that entertaining in my opinion.


over 4 years ago

its ok just a little to much lag


over 4 years ago

cant save progress, which sucks


over 4 years ago