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Game Description is an iogame. In you'll be competing against the void. Dozens of other players from around the world will be trying to carve out their own piece of land. The biggest piece of land that can exist for the longest amount of time is the winner. This is a cutthroat game where you can only survive as long as other players aren't pecking away at you. Your territory is theirs to conquer and their territory is yours to conquer. There is no nice way to put this. You simply must move faster, and be more devious than them. Take over their land, cut off their supply routes. Do whatever it takes to be the king of the Think fast and move faster, like a mighty cancer cell you must ever expand into the white void and claim more and more territory. This is a color war and only one person can win. Claim victory and dominate the leader board with your crown held high in this puzzling and strategic game of cat and mouse.


Use your W,A,S,D or arrow keys to navigate the cursor. Behind you there will be a trail of colors which are what you will use in order to claim territory. Defeat your opponenets by blocking their traile or gobbling up all of their already claimed territory. Gameplay

Content RatingUnrated
Release DateNov 14, 2019

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