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Game Description is a free IOGame. The future is here, the future is now, the future is parkour. In the real world, parkour is a beautiful and delicate art that combines gymnastics with ballet. It requires a lot of skill, training, and dedication in order to pull off some of those cool moves. In, parkour is as simple as the W,A,S,D pad and your mouse. Point click, run, jump, and fly through the levels of this amazing retro-bit parkour simulation. This is a game set in the Minecraft universe and you will take the role of a hopeful young parkour practitioner who is competing against legions of other online players in order to make it through a level faster than anyone else. In this game you will be in direct competition with other players who are playing live around the world. It is a race but its not about being fast you also have to be skilled and pull off some killer parkour moves. Parkour is like street ballet, the kind of art that makes perfect sense in a video game-like Minecraft. Get ready to enjoy a whole new world.


Use your mouse to orient your character. The W,A,S,D buttons will allow you to pull off different moves. Gameplay

Content RatingAll Ages
Release DateApr 1, 2021

29216 plays


about 3 years ago

That's your fault not the game

Teresa the wolf

about 3 years ago

I keep falling