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Top Running Games
What are Running games?
In life, the race never ends.
Running games are free endless runner games. Games that involve running are arguably some of the oldest games known to our species. Races are without a doubt one of the first competitions humans ever entered into, first as they scurried away from saber-toothed tigers and then later for fun back at the camp. Our running games are as simple and straightforward as the ones our ancestors played. In these games, all you need to know is how to move, dodge, and never stop. Some running games are scored based on your distance, you'll have to not just be the fastest but keep it together long enough to break a few records. Other running games are simple races where you will be up against other players and are headed towards the same objective, whoever gets their first wins. Racing games can be multi-player, they can be solo, they can be side-scrolling or they can be third person. The objective behind all running games is basically the same: move fast, don't stop, and succeed. Running games often involve players dodging obstacles by sliding under them, moving around them, or jumping over them.  Our running games offer a wide variety of different mechanics and styles and we're pretty certain that you won't find a better running game anywhere else on the internet.