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Top First Person Games
What are First Person games?
First-person games are rendered from the viewpoint of a player's character, or controls if driving a plane or vehicle. They are among the most popular games in the world and Addicting Games is home to some of the best old and new first-person games on the internet!
First-Person games are free games. In a first-person game, you can be anything from a rocket ship to a race-car, to a soldier on the prowl. Our selection of first-person shooter games straddles a wide variety of different categories and genres which means that you can spend all day without a selection of games and never repeat the category twice, unless you want to, that is. In our first-person games, you might find yourself avoiding asteroids, racing cars, chasing down targets, dodging attacks, or mining the Earth for various minerals and resources you can use to craft things later. Build your dream fort or tear down someone else's, scream past the finish line, or just draw a bead on your next unlucky target and take them out. First-person games put you in the driver seat and let you take control of the action. With first-person games, you truly become the winner, take the prize, and control the game. Jump in and get behind the wheel today.