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Rotate the device into portrait mode to play this game.

Shot Pong



Game Description

Shot pong is a free mobile game. Welcome to the world championships of e-pong. E-pong is, of course, the exciting cyber version of the popular human game simply. known as pong. Shot Pong is a fully automated re-interpretation of Pong. Except in this game, there is no opponent. There is only the savage 'electro wall' which will send the ball back to you at exactly the speed and velocity you hit it. Thus, when you are playing Shot Pong, you are playing against the deadliest enemy of all: yourself. Shot Pong is a punishing game that will test your reflexes, your hand-eye coordination, and your nerves. Do you have the means to achieve victory in a game where a simple slip of the finger could mean the difference between life and death? You probably can, many do and it is actually a lot of fun. So, get sliding and make those pong balls sing.


If you are playing on desktop use your mouse to click on the bottom paddle and hold it, Then slide the paddle back and forth in order to anticipate where the ball will be and when you will have to hit it. if you are playing on mobile, please use your finger to tap on the slider and move it back and forth.

Shot Pong Gameplay

Content RatingUnrated
Release DateJul 16, 2020

34829 plays

Tahecara Wood

8 months ago

Actually I like this game since it has modern, new and comforting features yes.

Tahecara Wood

8 months ago

This game is awesome, it's like the basic Arkanoid game format, but however, it has something to do with menial ball shots, that will serve lots of purpose, This is like a sports-game, had anyone every tried this???