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Monsters Shooter



Game Description

Monsters Shooter is a free mobile game. The monsters are here; they are at your gates; they are right on top of you. There is only one way to fight back: hop into your chroma cannon and fire back with extreme prejudice. These monsters' greatest strength is also their greatest weakness; they can only be vanquished by a cannon bolt of their own color. Luckily, you have all the ammo in the world and an itchy trigger finger. As the monsters march towards you, your job is to fire upon each one with a matching colored bolt. You can fire these by selecting them from the chroma-key board below the canon. Tap the matching colored keys at the bottom of the screen to fire the chroma bolts at the monsters. The more you wipe out, the more will march. It is an endless game of attrition. 


Your goal is to fire at the marching monsters by tapping or clicking on the trigger of the same color at the bottom of the screen. Monsters can only be destroyed by a cannon bolt of the same color, so you'll have to be careful, quick, and willing to stick it out.

Monsters Shooter Gameplay

Content RatingUnrated
Release DateOct 26, 2023

35 plays


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