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Color Rotator



Game Description

Color Rotator is a free puzzle game. Color Rotator is a game that combines the unholy magicks of color, space, and mathematics into one unified field of puzzley fun. Color Rotator is a classic three in a row style game with a twist and a half. The big difference in this fun and free mobile game is that you won't be rotating one single square at a time, you will instead be spinning a square containing multiple colors. In this regard, you will be trying to spin the squares in order to line up with other like-colored squares in as optimal a way as possible. You are going to want to maximize each spin because time is limited and if you are able to make one single spin line up more than a single three in a row, you will be able to either clear the board faster or maximize your overall score. It is a fun challenge and one that we think you are up for.


On your mobile device use your finger to point and tap on the edge of a square and then spin it left or right in order to make it align with like-colored squares.

Color Rotator Gameplay

Content RatingAll Ages
Release DateFeb 4, 2021

14882 plays


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