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Chop Chop



Game Description

Chop Chop is a free clicker game. The world of competitive cooking is a take-no-prisoners wasteland where only the strong will survive and the brilliant will thrive. In this fast-paced and over-wrought game of slicing and dicing it'll be your job to prepare all the ingredients needed for a delicious three-course meal and dessert. In order to make it to the meal, you're going to have to chop fast, chop hard, chop accurately, and avoid the dangers which lurk upon the line. As you slice, so must you dodge! There are explosive devices and grated steel bastions coming your way and it only takes one misplaced swipe to torpedo your chances at winning the level and finishing the meal. The faster you slicer the higher you'll score, so long as you are smart enough to pull back when an obstacle, a bomb, some steel, or a rusty plate show up. Show off your skills and become the ultimate chef but don't get too cocky as you chop, chop, and chop again. Chop Chop is a fun-paced clicker game where all you gotta do is click or tap to win. Just make sure you don't click or tap at the wrong time or its bye-bye!


On your desktop or mobile device use your left mouse button or your finger to tape away at the food as it scrolls by. Make accurate cuts and try not to hit the bombs or steel gratings as they enter the frame.

Chop Chop Gameplay

Content RatingAll Ages
Release DateAug 26, 2021

22739 plays


over 2 years ago

This game is the best! I recommend this to everyone! :) :) :)