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The Grand Police Escape



Game Description

It's the modern version of Bonnie and Clyde!! You've robbed the bank now try to escape.


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The Grand Police Escape Gameplay

Content RatingAll Ages
Release DateApr 23, 2014
DeveloperVlad Golcea

500880 plays


over 3 years ago

not bad, the car is kind of crazy


over 3 years ago


hola pros

over 3 years ago

awesome nice!!


over 3 years ago

Driving not Ligit 2/10


over 3 years ago

Controls are buggy


about 6 years ago

this is really good game i just love it so does my son whos 5

anthony the cool guy

almost 7 years ago

the worst game in the world graphics are bad and when you try to brake it dosent stop i suggest no one plays it.


almost 7 years ago

This game is not the best! It needs work but its ok for little kids! It looked good but it was a bust!


almost 7 years ago

This game needs work. The first few levels are ok, but the later ones just....seem unfinished, like this is a prototype. To begin with, who in the world are these hot rods coming after us? Why did I have to figure out on my own that the odd splotches on the road are spike stripes, on the run where I didn't die due to the weird bumper-car-on-LSD physics? Please explain the obstacles of the game to the player in a way that they will understand; otherwise, they spend most of the game going what the hell, when it's simpler than it seems.


over 8 years ago

Good but short. Maybe another version but you get the view INSIDE the car when driving and not above the car!