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Stunt Bike Racer



Game Description

Stunt Bike Racer is a free racing game. A stunt game is not enough. A motorcycle game is not enough. A racing game is not enough. It takes the divine trinity of a stunting game, a bike game, and a racing game in order to fully ascend from the world of pedestrian-car and bike games and evolve into the ultimate game: Stunt Bike Racer. Slam into excitement, race into adventure, and stunt your way through a never-ending sandbox of loop de loops, jumps, tight turns, and other cool racing stuff. In Stunt Bike Racer you can cycle through a wide selection of different bikes and choose the one which is best for you individually. Then select the map of your choice and when you are ready to go rev up and roll out. Zoom through a never-ending world that is designed for you to be able to pull off cool stunts and tricks while flashing your lights and pumping the breaks. If you like stunts, love bikes, and came here to race, then you will love Stunt Bike Racer, a sandbox-style race game for choosey gamers who desire the best.


Use the W,A,S,D or Arrow Pads in order to steer your bike left-right, accelerate or stop.

Stunt Bike Racer Gameplay

Content RatingUnrated
Release DateMay 7, 2020

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almost 2 years ago

it's not bad but i just can't drif or turn as good


about 2 years ago

i cant turn off the noise but its still cool


over 2 years ago



almost 3 years ago

nice game