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Speed Driver



Game Description

Speed Driver is a racing game. In the fast and furious world of speed driver, you'll get behind the wheel of your favorite kind of automobile and race your way into the history books. In Speed Driver, there are no rules. This is a game designed with the player in mind. You'll jump behind the wheel of a hatchback, a pickup truck, or a city bus and then raise hell while burning up the rubber on your favorite city street. Move as fast as you want in this game and don't worry about points, leaderboards, missions, accomplishments, or objectives. The only thing that matters here is good old fashioned sand-box style fun. No one is trying to harsh your buzz with a bunch of rules or expectations in this game, man. Just drive, use your handbrake, maybe pop off a nitro/ I don't know. Not my call. It's all on you: the driver. The Speed Driver that is. 

If you're tired of traditional racing games where you have to compete against other players or the computer itself, then welcome to a whole new type of gaming experience. A gaming experience where you the player just sit back and drive. It's a leisurely pursuit with no point but fun. 


W,A,S,D or arrow Pad: Control car, accelerate, reverse. Space Bar: Hand Brake. C: Change view. 1,2,3: Select car.

Speed Driver Gameplay

Content RatingUnrated
Release DateDec 12, 2019

79112 plays


over 1 year ago

i press r for red truck and wheel dissapear except one and it move to middle


almost 2 years ago

why dose the trucks brake win r is press


almost 2 years ago

needs so fixing dut good


almost 2 years ago

i meant the red truck


almost 2 years ago

the red car turns terrible


over 2 years ago

same with the red truk

Rctum Rammer

almost 3 years ago

theres an issue with the blue truck, when you press repair the wheels go all the way together till the truck looks like a unicycle