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Truck Trials



Game Description

Truck Trials is a free racing game. Rev up your engine and let's go. Truck Trials is a physics-based balance game where you will race your souped-up monster truck through level after level of challenging obstacles and platforms. Try not to tip your truck and collect all of the gasoline cans scattered through the level in order to score as high as you can. Anyone who flips over will have a limited amount of time to flip back onto their wheels before they explode. Use the points you collect during the levels to upgrade your engine, your shocks, your wheels, and everything else in this exciting balancing game. Each level is its own unique challenge and offers you all sorts of cool precarious places to balance, jump, and collect points. This game is a race but it's not always about speed. Sometimes the faster you go the more out of control you are and the less you'll be able to hold on and really git 'er done. Truck Trials will challenge your patience, your balance, and your ability to jump, flip, recover, and smash your way through treacherous obstacles.


On a desktop computer use the arrow pad to accelerate and balance your monster truck.

Truck Trials Gameplay

Content RatingUnrated
Release DateDec 17, 2020

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