Bad Driver



Game Description

Bad Driver is a free car game that will let you know whether or not you’re a good driver. This is an easy online game where all you have to do is stay within the white path. If you ever stray from the white path a little you will lose the game instantly. This online game has simple animation As you drive, collect as many jewels as you can. Use the jewels to unlock cool character skins for your car. There are different colors and kinds of cars that you can choose from. In addition, you can also unlock colorful skins for your steering wheel. Play, again and again, until you unlock all of the skins. Click on the leaderboard icon, to see where you rank against other car game players in this online game. At the end of each game, you’ll find your most recent and best score. Play again to beat your best score each time!


To play this car game, you use your mouse or the arrow keys if you’re on a computer. If you’re on a mobile device, you can steer the car by clicking directly on the screen. Click on the garage icon from the menu to purchase or switch out your car and steering wheel skins.

Bad Driver Gameplay

Content RatingAll Ages
Release DateFeb 6, 2020

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