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You Broke The Game



Game Description

You Broke The Game is a free browser-based platform game. It is a crazy, dangerous world out there and even crazier in this game, the game that you will inevitably break just by playing. This is a super meta platform adventure game where you must puzzle your way through a series of increasingly difficult levels where you must avoid spikey turtles, fireballs, pits, and jump your way onto moving platforms and levels. Try to find the keys you need to unlock all the different aspects of the game. Also, pay close attention to the meta-commentary at the bottom of the screen. It will narrate your adventure as well as tell a fun story and drop hints to what you're supposed to do and where you are supposed to go. Don't you wish real life had a narrator like that? Some voice at the bottom of your feet that just explained everything? Anyway, you will learn the controls of the game as play progresses. The controls are not laid out in a tutorial or how to play screen, instead the game reveals its controls to you level by level as you play and when you need those particular abilities. So please, enjoy this game.


A,D, Arrow Pads: Move left or right Space Bar: Jump. Play the game and more instructions will be revealed as the game goes on.

You Broke The Game Gameplay

Content RatingAll Ages
Release DateFeb 27, 2020
DeveloperAndrej Suvorau

43228 plays

a toe

over 1 year ago

i cant help but here ¨im just your problem¨ (the song) from adventure time in the music, coincidence, i dont know, liked the game but the flags gave off the idea of having more checkpoints. i like that there are checkpoints at the start of each level, i would say that its up to the creator to add more or not. Personally i like the game and would like to see more. also beautiful design.

choccy milk

almost 2 years ago

ya it´s not that, why aren´t there any checkpoints


over 2 years ago

I hate that it doesn't save your progress!!! I would love to play it if it did but I've had to restart the game 4 times!


almost 3 years ago