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Super Frog



Game Description

Super Frog is a free desktop game. With only three lives per level, you must collect all the fruit, dodge the birds, and smash the bugs, and make it all the way to the end without losing your heart. This is a typical platformer game with incredible 8-bit graphics and incredible level design. Run, jump, double jump, and smash your way to the heart of fun in this fast-paced, nostalgic, and fun platformer game where collection is the name of the game and you only win when you finish. The fruits are all over the place and they get harder and harder to reach. Sometimes you might have to take some lumps on your way to the fruit. That is OK, it is all worked in to the mechanics of the game. 


Arrow Pad: Move left, right, jump and double jump. Your goal is to collect all of the fruit on a level, make it to the end and not lose all three of your hearts.

Super Frog Gameplay

Content RatingUnrated
Release DateSep 24, 2022

1297 plays


over 1 year ago

Un juego clásico y lo mejor que he jugado.


over 1 year ago

Great game!