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Game Description

Achilles is a free fighting game. Achilles is a side-scrolling platformer that lets you live out your dreams of ancient Greece and all the drama, comedy and tragedy that follows. Play as Achilles, the fleet-footed soldier who is tasked with holding back legions of approaching troops and mythological monsters. You won't have much more than a sword, your shield, and your wits to save you in this furious but fun Flash game. Guard your neck and don't spare weak. You'll have to be outright ruthless if you want to live up to the namesake of one of histories greatest warriors. Just remember, its all fun and games until someone strikes your heel! Be brave and be victorious!


Use the W,A,D keys to move left or right as well as jump. The S key allows you to block or to pick up new weapons. The T key is used for attacking your enemy with your chosen weapon The Y key is used to kick your opponent. You can play this game in several different modes including survival mode, and in normal campaign mode. Both are a lot of fun but neither is very easy. You'll have to prove yourself worthy to the whole holy host by the power of your sword!

Achilles Gameplay

Content RatingTeen Caution
Release DateJan 11, 2008
DeveloperDragon Gamez

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about 3 years ago



over 5 years ago


tyler the assassin

over 5 years ago

yostar136 the movie is called [300]


over 5 years ago



over 5 years ago

wow nice games.i like it.


over 5 years ago

worst game eve known to man


over 5 years ago

ur abs arent real


over 5 years ago

two words Amazing Game

rockman VA

over 5 years ago

too much lag so i cant really enjoy it.

uriah the shooter

over 5 years ago

to cobrax14 yes it was troy