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Game Description is the long awaited answer to the age old question: What is better than being a Lordz? Being a Lordz 2! This is the sequel to everyone's favorite io game of domination and decimation.  Name your tribe and start off in the middle of nowhere. Use your wits to mine for resources and build yourself a mighty castle, but beware! There are villains out there, opposing players who share the same open world like you! This is an iogame after all, and that means you'll be facing off against the sinister machinations of other gamers from around the world who want the same thing as you: total domination of the leader board. They'll do it the same way you would, by building a tower, defending it, upgrading their army and raiding until there is no one left. The only way to win Lordz2 is to outsmart the other opponents, out think them, and out maneuver them at every single turn. This is a fantasy game of violent attrition where there can truly be only one and if you are smart enough, fast enough, blessed by the fates and lucky enough, that Lordz2.ioo might just be you!!! 


Hello, and welcome to the instructions of the hit new iogame! We are happy to have you. Now, let's get started. In this game, you will start off as a small but fierce band of fantasy knights. It is your responsibility to mine for resources, and then use those resources to build a base which you will defend from other players. You do this by navigating your character with the W,A,S,D keys or the Arrow pad. You will also use the left mouse button to attack, mine, build and navigate the in-game menus. Thank you! Gameplay

Content RatingUnrated
Release DateMay 30, 2019

37960 plays


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