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Game Description

Reap is a free platformer game. Put your life on hold and play li'l Deaths game in this amazingly fun platformer. While you will be armed with a scythe your real weapon here is your purple Chrono spark. When you fire off the Chrono spark you have the ability to slow down any object you hit. Use this ability to restore order to the chaos of the swinging platforms. All you have to do is get from the start of the level to the diamond at the end. The problem is that at in-between you and your goal is a treacherous world full of spikes, flames, and bottomless pits. There are platforms swinging to and fro but they are haphazard and chaotic. You must aim and fire your Chrono spark at the platforms in order to slow them down and bend their will to your own. When the Chrono spark strikes a platform it will ice it up, turn it blue, and slow it down enough that you can jump on it. Ultimately, the life of li'l Death is a short and complex one. All little Death wants to do is finish this game so they can go home. You can help Death reap their way to victory.


Use your mouse to aim your scythe and press the left mouse button to fire. Your chrono spark will slow down any platform you hit. Use the W,A,S,D keys in order to run and jump.

Reap Gameplay

Content RatingAll Ages
Release DateFeb 6, 2020
DeveloperAlien Play

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