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Parapals is a free avoider game. Your Parapals are here and they want to save the day. You'll just have to help them get down to Earth first. In this fun avoider game, all you have to do is take control of your Parapals as they parachute down to the ground and help them avoid birds, ledges, and other obstacles. You'll also need to help them pick up various items in order to score big. You can't afford to even make one mistake because once you do, it's game over. The longer you're able to play and collect items the faster you'll go and the more obstacles will spawn. This makes the game more challenging and more fun but it also makes it a lot harder. Once you help your Parapals hit the ground and collect their points you'll be a lot happier.


On a desktop computer, please use your mouse to click on the screen and control the Parapal as they parachute. Avoid ledges, obstacles, and birds, and collect items to make your score grow. On your mobile device use your finger to tap on the screen, hold, and control the Parapal. Avoid obstacles and birds while collecting items.

Parapals Gameplay

Content RatingAll Ages
Release DateSep 24, 2020
DeveloperTrue Valhalla

18756 plays


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