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Turbo Golf



Game Description

Turbo Golf is a free golf game. In this 2D golf game, race against three other opponents to sink your ball into the hole as quickly as possible with as few shots as possible. If regular golf is just too slow and plodding for you, then perhaps all you need is a little Turbo Golf in your life. Send the ball flying down the course, and then earn gold based on how well you place compared to your three AI-controlled opponents. Then use that gold to upgrade your gear, from clubs to shoes. At the end of a round, you’ll get a larger payout based on how well you do, allowing you to upgrade that gear even further.


To play, all you need to do create a character, and then get swinging. Move your mouse to angle your shot into just the right direction, and then click when you see the meter in the green. Just keep an eye out for rough spots or obstacles, and you’ll land it in the hole—eventually. You’re able to upgrade all of your clubs, as well as your clothes (your shoes will make you run faster to the ball). Think of this game similar to a race, only precision also comes to play. You won’t do well if you’re the first to sink a ball, but it takes you twenty-seven shots.

Turbo Golf Gameplay

Content RatingAll Ages
Release DateJan 8, 2013
DeveloperLong Animals

2189558 plays


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