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Drag Racer v3



Game Description

Drag Racer v3 is a free racing game. Put the pedal to the metal—without blowing out your engine—in this drag racing arcade game. Either jump into an arcade race, pitting any car of your choosing to any other car, or start a career, and build up your drag racing prowess from scratch. The arcade mode can offer up a fair bit of fun, but the career mode offers up plenty of depth and vehicle options. You start by buying a vehicle, and then you’re able to race it to your heart’s content, either for fun, or for money, or even for the title to a vehicle. Make a few bucks, upgrade your vehicle further, allowing it to perform better and leaving you more confident to wager against other racers. Once you’ve customized, you can start to put on car shows for even more money. Eventually, you’ll advance in rack, unlock additional vehicles to race—faster and more exotic ones—proving just what a speed demon you are.o!


The actual controls of Drag Racer v3 are simple. Hit space to go when that light turns green, and then use the up and down arrow keys to shift your gears up or down accordingly. When you first start a race, you can type out the distance, as well as the type of racer—fun, wager, or pink slip. Customizing your car involves scrolling through a wide variety of menus with various types of car parts, all available to purchase.

Drag Racer v3 Gameplay

Content RatingAll Ages
Release DateFeb 16, 2010
DeveloperAddicting Games

42177341 plays


over 1 year ago

really fun game


almost 2 years ago

i played this game back in 2010 this game is not what it used to be the devs are not around anymore I wish they would have made some patches here and there. Overall a good game brings back memories. if addicting games decides to fix this please fix the no parts lists, as well as the garage issue.


about 2 years ago



about 2 years ago

For some reason, I can't see other cars in my garage. I know they are there, but I can't climb in them to race :-(


over 5 years ago

yourpapa u have to shift


over 5 years ago

you have to use the N key for nos


over 5 years ago

you just click continue to go on with your game


over 5 years ago

yawn, easy,fun


over 5 years ago

wow, my car goes 321 m.p.h.


over 5 years ago

wow it didnt load