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Pool: 8-Ball Mania



Game Description

Pool: 8-Ball Mania is a free pool game. If you're smart then you know you should never play pool with somebody named after a city. Luckily, in our cool little pool game, you won't have to worry about anything like that because we offer you the world's finest artificial intelligence as your opponent. In this cool, free, mobile pool game you will be able to take on either a close friend sitting with you or an AI that is programmed to give you one heck of a game. This is a game all about physics, geometry, and a little bit of hustle. Pool is an age-old game that separates the wheat from the chaff and allows you to compete in a skill-based game that is as exciting as it is quiet. If you find yourself yearning for a friendly game of pool with a healthy competition then this the game for you. Get ready to have a real mania over pool in this cracking good app.


On your desktop computer use your mouse to click on the screen, aim, and fire off a pool ball. On your mobile computer use your finger to tap, drag, and release. You can play this game against a friend by passing it back and forth or against an AI.

Pool: 8-Ball Mania Gameplay

Content RatingAll Ages
Release DateMay 6, 2021

92326 plays


almost 3 years ago

Too easy. The computer give the game away at every turn.