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Mini Putt 3



Game Description

Mini Putt 3 is a free golf game. Sweetest Online Mini Golf there is! Whether alone or versus up to Four Friends, Mini Putt 3 will quickly become your favorite online Mini Putt Game!


Mouse move to Aim, Pull farther away from the ball for more power, Click to Putt Mini Putt 3, Free Online Sports Game, Free Golf Game

Mini Putt 3 Gameplay

Content RatingAll Ages
Release DateJan 31, 2008
DeveloperPsycho Goldfish Creative Media

14752509 plays


almost 5 years ago

Hi I love the game


almost 5 years ago

awesome i love mini golf in real life and this is amazing


over 5 years ago

you Did not get 20on juraasic put


over 5 years ago

yes oh my god

rock star cameron

over 5 years ago

yes or no the dinosoru coruse is hard


over 5 years ago

yes i got 44 on classic


over 5 years ago

yeah mini golf


over 5 years ago

what do they think i am Phil Michelson ?

spec ops 123

over 5 years ago

were all pro

the jayhawker

over 5 years ago

well made game but not even close to the original.