8 Ball Billiards Classic



Game Description

8 Ball Billiards Classic is the online version of your favorite pool game. This mobile-friendly game has the same simple green and brown design as any pool table that you’d find in bar. The rules are the same: use your pool stick to hit the white ball to hit either the striped or solid colored balls into the pocket holes. Avoid hitting the white ball or the balls of your opponent into the pocket hole. You have the option to play against the A.I. or, if you have a friend over, play in two-player mode. You have a top-view of the game with options to see hints for the best angles. This is the perfect casual and calming game that you can play with your friends or by yourself. Once you’ve finished a game, head over to the leaderboard to see if you made the cut.


To play this classic sports game, use your mouse or finger to aim the pool stick. Pull back on the pool stick to choose the strength of the hit, and then let it go to hit the white ball. Click on the menu to restart, go home or adjust your sound settings. On the home screen, you’ll find the leaderboards to see how well you rank against other pool players.

8 Ball Billiards Classic Gameplay

Content RatingUnrated
Release DateOct 24, 2019

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7 months ago

Great game....actually helped to improve my real pool games....


about 1 year ago

Ok tuve que reiniciar porque la primera estaba oscuro sera por eso.


about 1 year ago

No se como funciona con el mouse, lo vi pero se mueve.


over 1 year ago



almost 2 years ago

i am happy to play again , working fine


about 2 years ago

Cheats like crazy! It'll pull shots that belong on the SYFY network. And GAWD FORBID you get "stripes"! It'll clear the board like you're not even there! In REAL 8 ball, EVERYONE occasionally hits the 8 ball in on a break. The AI in this? Yeah, I've seen the cue ball literally bend like the matrix around the 8 ball to avoid knocking it in.


about 2 years ago

just like rongrimes i am not getting credit for high scores anymore


about 2 years ago

Doesn't update my score to "high scores" - even when I'm logged in. Also, the physics are off. The ball too often hugs the rail instead of bouncing off like it would in real life.


over 2 years ago

i hate it, the ai is too smart.


almost 4 years ago

There are a lot of things I like about this and game and some things that are maddening. The graphics, game play, and game physics are all wonderfully done. I'm not sure, however, if the AI skill level setting is functioning. I set it at the lowest and have had the AI run the table on me more than a few times. Also, during play, the game seems to glitch where the screen flickers and goes black and does not come back.