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Cut Bowling



Game Description

Cut Bowling is a free, mobile physics game. Unleash your prowess as a cosmic baller, a master of unconventional strikes. In "Cut Bowling," the universe is your playground, and the laws of gravity bow before your whims. Engage your strategic mind on a journey where timing and strategic thinking will tip the scales of fortune in your favor. This game is an experience that will shatter the constraints of your reality and transport you into a realm where the laws of physics dance upon the strings of destiny. In "Cut Bowling," you are beckoned to partake in a great test of skill, precision, and sheer audacity. Your objective? Manipulate the fate of a pendulous bowling ball suspended from a fragile thread. With each swipe of your finger, you have the power to sever that tether, propelling the ball toward a constellation of pins. Each cut of the rope becomes an act of defiance against conventional wisdom as the ball swings forth, propelled by the force of your ambition. With a delicate touch, you can guide it towards a cascade of pins, where victory awaits like a dormant supernova, ready to explode in a cataclysm of triumph. The very fabric of reality becomes pliable, morphing and twisting in response to your every move.


Please use your finger to cut the rope holding up the ball so that it launches towards the pins.

Cut Bowling Gameplay

Content RatingUnrated
Release DateJun 22, 2023

71 plays


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