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Soccertastic is a sports-themed shooting game. If you're ready to strap on a pair of cleats, run with the hooligans, and go for the gold then Soccertastic is the sports-themed shooting game for you. Lace-up and kick off a good time as you try to aim the soccer ball past the goalies' notice. Your job is simple: slip one past the goalie. Can you anticipate the movements of the goaltender as he paces back and forth? Do you know your own strength and can you modulate it just enough to land the soccer ball in the top shelf with the peanut butter? If so, then this is the time to prove it. This is aa one on one scenario where there is no passing and no teamwork. All the glory will go to you. Double your score by landing a shot against one of the floating targets behind the net. Outsmart the goalie and be a hero in this fast paced, and realistic soccer simulator.


Use your finger or the mouse to click on the ball and aim it toward the net. You will also be using the strength of your flick to determine speed, rotation, height, and power of the kick. In order to land a shot, you must move faster thana the goalie and think two steps aahead of him. You can do it with aa little practice.

Soccertastic Gameplay

Content RatingUnrated
Release DateOct 31, 2019

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