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Game Description is a futuristic arena showdown game. After all, the future is just neon grids, fast cars, and laser beams forever! In you'll be thrust into a fast-moving and furious multiplayer arena battle. Blast your way through bots and opposing players as you try to grind yourself some credits to upgrade your car. Increase your handling, top speed, hull, acceleration, and firepower to climb your way up the leaderboard and become the ultimate Outgunner! This is a first-person racer and sniping game which involves quick reflexes, tactical prowess, and an overall strategy if you want to win. Will you hide in the corners? Snipe from an elevated position, charge into the fray, stalk your prey, or steal kills from other players? The choice is yours, but choose wisely! In the laser paced, null or be nulled arena of the future there are no rules and no sympathy! Stay alive to dominate the leader board, then use credits to upgrade your car.


Arrow Keys or W,A,S,D Pad: Accelerate, turn left or right, reverse. Mouse: Use your mouse to move the reticule around the screen. Left Mouse Button: Fire your weapon. The edges of the arena are cliffs. If you drive off of them you will die. Be very careful around the edges of the arena. The black rock formations can be driven onto and do not cause damage. The rainbow-colored pillars cannot be driven on and will cause damage. Navigate yourself towards the heart shaped health power-ups. These will restore 17% of your health. Stay alive as long as you can, the leader board is determined by the number of kills and the amount of time spent alive. You can take up an overwatch position from one of the many elevated ramps near the edges of the areas. After you destroy an enemy you will get a weapon upgrade for thirty seconds. There are also weapon upgrades scattered throughout the arena. Each of them offers a different strategy for attacking opposing players, try them all before you pick a favorite, but, be familiar with all of them because they are randomly placed. Gameplay

Content RatingUnrated
Release DateMar 25, 2019

19975 plays


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