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Game Description

Multi-Cave is a free IOGame. Welcome to the cavernous depths of Multi-Cave. Multi-Cave is a free IOGame where you are going to be forced to grapple your way through the Earth and to the top of the leaderboards. Use your grappling hook to challenge very forces of gravity itself as you point, click, and launch your way through a series of labyrinth-style mazes that contain a variety of jewels that need to be collected in order to win. Invite your friends to compete and you'll be able to show them up via your skills with a grappling hook. You might think you know IOGames, and you might think you understand how races work but once you combine gravity, races, and mazes you'll find yourself pretty surprised at what comes next. Spoiler alert, it's fun. What comes next is fun. We try to pride ourselves on delivering fun, and here it comes.


On your desktop computer use your mouse to point and click and launch your grappling hook. Your grappling hook is how you will traverse the maze of this game. Uncover jewels to collect and make your way past obstacles in order to be the first to finish the level.

Multi-Cave Gameplay

Content RatingAll Ages
Release DateFeb 25, 2021

14472 plays


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