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Game Description will wreck you. These minigiants may be small but they are mighty and they are smart! Take control of your own minigiant and then take on an arena full of players from around the world in this fun, action packed io puzzle game. First you'll customize your minigiant, then you'll click your way through opponents, resources, obstacles, and everything inbetween. In this game you don't just enter into combat with other players but you click on rocks, trees, diamonds, and other resources that you save and use to build yourself new weapons, new armor, and maybe even a place to stay. The more powerful your minigiant gets, the larger your minigiant will get, ultimately becoming a Giantgiant and not so mini after all. But don't get cocky, as you upgrade the other playerrs will upgrade and as you grow the other players will grow. The larger you are the more of a target you'll reciieve on your back! Nobody likes a winner, especially when that winner is taking victory out of the hands of the other players. Do not be too surprised when your opponents see your progress and try to take it away by teaming up to thwart you! Such is the issue when playing a game populated by real live opponents with a gudge to consider and not just mindless non player characters who are basically following orders.

Instructions emplores you to become the biggest and best version of yourself that you can be! You will accomplish this by clicking on other characters, and on items and resources scattered throughout the arena. Use the W,A,S,D or Arrow Pad to move and the mouse to change orientation. The left mouse button will come in handy when you want to click on your opponents! Gameplay

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Release DateMay 30, 2019

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over 4 years ago

feh not that bad