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Nyan Cat FLY!



Game Description

Nyan Cat FLY! is a free racing game. Ew gross, asparagus! You're a magic cat made out of Pop Tarts and rainbows, you wouldn't be caught dead eating asparagus and brussel sprouts. besides, you're a space-faring cat now. What is the point of taking to the final frontier if you're gonna be stuck eating the leafy green leftovers of Earth? Indulge in space-age cupcakes, slices of pie, and other delicious sweets. Avoid anything even remotely green or healthy as you fly at warp speed through the kittenly cosmos. You'll wanna keep your points up and the veggies down. Too many o the green things and you'll die --ew-- but you'll also wanna collect stars and other upgrades as they appear. You can do it Nyan Cat if you believe in yourself!


W,A,S,D, Arrow Pad: Use these buttons to navigate Nyan Cat through the stratosphere.

Nyan Cat FLY! Gameplay

Content RatingAll Ages
Release DateSep 11, 2015

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nyan cat gamer

over 3 years ago

10 out of ten this game made my day I recommend this if you feeling sad or you have sad thoughts 10/10 best game I have ever played this made my day!


almost 5 years ago


yariel pacheco

almost 5 years ago

what lag


almost 5 years ago

ugh cute and can be fun BUT THE LAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAG


almost 5 years ago

top score 5131n


almost 5 years ago

too laggy :(


almost 5 years ago

this is just no


almost 5 years ago

this is a great game XD


almost 5 years ago

this galaxy has too many veggies... LOL!!!!!!!!


almost 5 years ago

the music do :)