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Color Pixel Art Classic



Game Description

Color Pixel Art Classic is a relaxing casual game that is great for players of all ages. Coloring was a fun task when you were just a kid in elementary school. Somewhere along the line, it stopped being a homework assignment and you ended up with books, math, and other more complicated stuff. However, don’t let your age stop you from enjoying a relaxing time coloring. Pick from one of our many categories like food, animals, people, and even fantastical creatures. There are adorable items and animals to color like a donut, a cat, a unicorn, and even a fidget spinner! There’s no competition and there’s no timer. This is just a casual online game that you can enjoy without any stressful goals or rage-inducing bosses. It’s a cute game that you can jump into whenever you have time to kill or you just want to take a break from work or school. There’s nothing to overthink with this casual online game.


To play this coloring game, click on the color and then click on the pixel that matches the number. You can zoom in on the picture to have a better view of the pixels. Fill in the colors for the entire image and you’re done!

Color Pixel Art Classic Gameplay

Content RatingUnrated
Release DateOct 24, 2019

234391 plays


over 2 years ago

It is fun and relaxing


almost 3 years ago

utter rubbish

Cat_Girl Meow Hiss

about 3 years ago

really relaxing

Kitty cat

about 3 years ago

I love it lol !

TheGaming Unicorn

almost 4 years ago

pretty easy & not so bad for when youre bored but the thing is.. is that idk if its just me or whatever but I'm not sure why it only shows me part of the colors/numbers and not all of them so I'm just over here stuck with a bunch of unfished pages? that and when I left the page to look for something else out of curiosity it totally deleted all my progress? pretty annoying on that part but its an alright game..


about 4 years ago