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Keyboard Breaker



Game Description

Keyboard Breaker is a typing game. Flex your fingers in this lightning-fast typing game which requires skill, precision, and speed. This is an old-school type em' up where all you gotta do to win is watch the screen and hit the keys. You won't be able to hunt and peck in this game because you're going to have to keep one eye on the screen. This is a typing game that doesn't concern itself with word scores, or letter scores, or punctuation or even words. No, all of that is simple, basic, for lesser games. This game just chooses two random letters and makes you bash on the keys until its time to choose two more random letters and smash away at them. Its hard work. It's tiring, but if you can tough it out then it's really satisfying to watch your score climb and make it to the top of the heap over on our site-wide leader board.

If you aren't fulfilled enough by typing your way up the leader board then maybe you'll like this game's unique two-player mode. Go head to head with a friend, literally, as the two of you use the same keyboard to smash out letters.


Follow the instructions on the screen to type on the keys indicated.

Keyboard Breaker Gameplay

Content RatingAll Ages
Release DateMar 26, 2020

80229 plays


almost 4 years ago



about 4 years ago

its a pain