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I Dont Even Game



Game Description

I Dont Even Game is a free escape game. I Don’t Even Game is a funny and random game for the player who wants something different. This game is more of an adventure as you race through the screen and go through different scenarios. Steal someone’s purse, go through a DUI check, drop your keys in a sewer hole--does any of this makes any sense? This is because this is a nonsensical game created to only entertain you and take you on a quick adventure. That doesn’t mean you’re not doing anything though. Pay attention to the text on the screen complete the interactions in order to move forward in the story. As you move along, you can check the upper tab to see which achievements have been ticked off. What are you waiting for! Play this silly game and show off your gamer skills.


To play I Don’t Even Game, use your mouse and keyboard and follow the directions in the game. Use your right key to move forward. There’s no rules or real objective to this game so have fun exploring the story. If you’re the type of person who needs validation though, click on the tab above and check to see if you’ve ticked off all of the achievements.

I Dont Even Game Gameplay

Content RatingAll Ages
Release DateMar 19, 2010
DeveloperPeter Polack (Element19)

10963025 plays

i forgor

about 2 years ago

very funy haha


over 2 years ago

if you reach the end press a and walk forward and you will get the secret bunker badge so just helpin you all if u trying to get it


over 3 years ago

theres bug i get stuck on backwards alphabet because it no mov


over 4 years ago

for level 74 just type in nchsbdfuiqbwibdaksbcxbyoqv


over 4 years ago

how to do teh weveel thiirtee 30


almost 5 years ago

i like it ... just how do i get past lv 45?!


about 5 years ago

Help!! Stuck on lvl. 88


about 5 years ago

Good game. i will say how to get all achievements and how to complete the game pt 1/2 next week! BYE!

maya glass

about 5 years ago

how do you do level 74? the site no longer exists


over 5 years ago