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Emergency Surgery



Game Description

Emergency surgery is a free puzzle and clicker game. There is a line of angsty patients out the door and only you have what it takes to fix them. This is a puzzle game where you'll have to diagnose a patient's malady and then fix them up properly by choosing an appropriate treatment from the bottom of the screen. but remember, each treatment has its own side effects and that means they will require its own treatment to keep things regulated. So, a big part of this game is trying to figure out the correct order of all of the different treatments. This is a game that lets you take on the life and death struggle of an emergency room. If you think you have what it takes to compete then step on up and show us what you got. Remember, surgery is no game. if you or anyone you know needs emergency surgery for real in real life then please contact the appropriate doctor, dentist, or veterinarian. Please do not use the remedies outlined in this game.


On your desktop or mobile device please use your finger to tap or your mouse to point, click, and hold an item on the screen and feed it to the patient at the center of the game.

Emergency Surgery Gameplay

Content RatingAll Ages
Release DateOct 7, 2021

21604 plays


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